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  • Jan 201626

    Forbes Interview: The Stock Market is Probably Going to be Okay - With Bob Stovall of NIS

    Forbes Interview: The Stock Market is Probably Going to Be Okay – With Bob Stovall of NIS


    Bob Stovall, Managing Director, gives his outlook on the stock market’s volatile future in an interview with Wallace Forbes. The linked article below sheds light on global economic outlook, major economies flirting with recession, and attractive stocks to watch in 2016...


  • Jan 201620

    Promotion Announcement

    As you may know, National Investment Services has enjoyed an extended period of excellent product performance.  In order to recognize outstanding contributions, and to demonstrate our commitment to development within the firm, we are pleased to announce several promotions amongst our senior portfolio managers.


  • Jun 201430

    Organizational Update

    National Investment Services is pleased to announce a June 30, 2014 separation from Titanium Asset Management. With this transaction, we move from being a publicly traded firm, to an employee owned private investment firm.   We want to thank our former partners and wish them well in all their endeavors.